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  1. I hope all of you reading this are getting on ok in the current situation, as so many have said it really is unprecedented and it is certainly very surreal and scary times we are living through at the moment.

    We are very lucky compared to so many as we still have something to get up for every day as obviously the horses still need caring for and we have decided at the moment to keep our horses in gentle work.  I will post some videos from my You Tube channel showing some of the pole work exercises we use, these exercises will be simple exercises using not to many poles and all are set in our 40m x 20m arena, meaning that most people will be able to creat them. Please click below link for my first video of Mick and Eric working through some poles.


    Like so many other parents I have my two girls with me full time so I am trying to do some home schooling, in fact that is exactly what I'm doing at this moment, multi tasking!!  Both girls are being very good and although Ila is very sad that she doesn't get to see her friends everyday she is enjoying the freedom of having the yard to play in, and the trailer has become the spy headquarters! Although typically of horses we did need the trailer last week when Eric managed to cut himself and needed at trip to to vets to check it was just superficial as the cut was fairly close to the fetlock joint, the good news is its just superficial.


    We were meant to be at the Burghley Pony Club Huntertrials in preparation for the event season, we decided not to dwell on this fact as I think everyone nation wide has something they are missing out on so we decided to run it at home, please see below link.


    In between everything else I am trying to work through the back log of repairs I have in, maybe I will have a tidy work shop at the end of all of this.


  2. January has continued to be a busy month for all of us at Little Garendon.  Cherise and Baby Bea are doing well and come up regulary to help and visit, Cherise is enjoying get back in to the swing of things and Bea seems to love being out in the fresh air so that's a win win all round!!

    All the horses have been going well, Flo is now back in full work now and enjoyed her first jump today after two months, hopefully her and Hannah can enjoy a full event season this year. Hannah and Darcy enjoyed a successful outing to Vale View Arena Eventing coming second with a super double clear.  I took Mick and Eric on the same day, Mick jumped really well but spooked at the people standing in the arena and had the double down then we brilliantly cross country just being a bit hesitant at the ditch part of the coffin but after assessing the situation he popped over nicely, Eric was jumping really well and I was ready for him at the double which he jumped really well so went to give him a pat at which time he shot sideways and then spooked as I had moved and lost his balance and we parted company, I remounted and jumped the rest brilliantly and like Mick he just had to have a look at the ditch.  My ribs have been a bit sore since so no more outings to report on but hopefully we will be out again next week.

    Caitlin who is with us doing a Stubbin court apprentice is making my life a lot easier meaning that we can get the yard jobs and riding done in the morning and then I tend to disappear in to my workshop affectionately known as the hole!  I have been really busy with both tack and rug repairs and also a new collaboration that I am super excited about and all will be revealed in the near future.  Below is a few pictures of the repairs I have been busy doing, please get in touch if you need some repairs doing, I can offer a really quick turnaround if you book in so I can work round my schedule and yours.  I am also really proud of my first Tri Fold Wallet, this was a custom order but I was so pleased with it I have added it to the website.


    Hopefully the rainfall has slowed down and we should be able to get out cross country schooling as well as doing some show jumping throughout the next month.